A merry little Noel

Let Missy start it off by wishing every little soul that passes by here, a cozy little Xmas and a coming fabulous New Year 2008 :)
Missy, for one, had had a gorgeous time this year chilling with a couple of close friends and cutting down on loud music and booze intake. What can I say, it's been fresh!! And absolutely decadent.. *burpp

Some loving time, just the two of us, on Xmas eve.

Our little eve celebration with hubz' bearnaise steak on a bed of mashies and my tropical salad (you can't see, but there's fruit chunks in it), complete with sweets and reds.

After which, we did afterall, attended some midnight "masses" with 89% of the Asian population in Melbourne city. If you have no idea whatsoever what it entailed, let's just say that there were plenty of alcohol and music and kisses and sweat.. and why these made me go Eww now is beyond comprehension..

Moving swiftly along..

Missy and hubz woke early for supposed Xmas breakfast with another couple before arriving much anticipated to the doorstep of Xmas lunch.

Said couple were late and we sat down for breakfast at 11am. It was a pity because it was such a good spread but there's no way I would sacrifice the long-awaited lunch. Having said that, I did nibble a little here and there..

Bacon with spiced Egg Crumpet

Bacon-wrapped baked Asparagus

-to be dipped in..

Creamy soft boiled Eggs

So, we were semi-pampered for breakfast, and now let's get ready to be spoilt rotten for lunch!

We arrived to a meticulously laid table, complete with bon-bon and our own seats. Little treats wrapped in pink were added by yours truly *wink.

Host and hostess forming the perfect couple adding the final touch.

While Belle impatiently scoured around for company..

Behold the amazing Xmas spread:-


Almond and Walnut Cheese Dips

- Oops, hostess reminded it was actually Almond and Cashew. Oh well, they taste goddamn fine to me all the same :)

Sliced Beef and Capsicum Canapes

Avocabi Prawn Tartlets

- Avocabi being avocado and wasabi

And my very very loved favourite..

Portugese Spiced Potato Skin

This was SO good, I can have it as a main. Needless to say, we cleaned the plate out.


From top to bottom, we had

Apple-stuffed Turkey Breast SO full of flavour, I loved it!

Tender Turkey Thigh The guys loved the fat, and I loved the tenderness, oh yums

Crispy Roast Pork with stewed Apple I'm not a pork person, but I can tell you, I like the apples!

Honey Mandarin Glazed Ham God bless the abundance of good food!

We were most likely bursting out of our belly but no, hostess showed no mercy.

Along came more fabulous foodie and treats.


Cherry Sorbet

- I made it for another bbq party and it was such a winner! Thanks heaps, my babe ;)

Yummy Chocolate Baby-muffins

Mince Tarts

- complete with cup of tea. Oh, I love a good hostess.

That's my good hostess.. :)

You'd think a lunch session will go for 2-3 hours, maybe 4? Not for us, whose time together flew in an instant.

12 hours, people. I'm telling you 12 hours. And it flew by just as quick. I miss it already.

Here's the family that made it possible for a cozy little Noel, and paving a smoother way towards my muffin top.

And here's us; both heavily fed and spoilt with happiness.

Merry Xmas, all!

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.val. said...

LOL Babe, by the way its cashew and almond cheese dips !! and boy do i miss the spiced potato skins !! luckily for me, i can eat even for vegan !! haha minus the sour cream is fine by me still.

and belle look so huge next to me... i think she's grown up now.