Sneak Peek..

Here's a quick one for my partner and her man.

For him

For her

Heheh, can't wait for our Christmas luncheon! Missy is super duper excited and impatiently awaits the massive spread that will overflow the table.

Rest assured we will bring drinks. And empty stomach. And pressies, of course ;)


Missy had been working hard lately. Slogging it out like there's no tomorrow. But it's all good. In fact, fatigue aside, I feel that I can do more, or should do more anyway. As long as the good ol' crisp notes keep filling my wallet and bank account, I'm content.

One morning while getting ready for work, I glanced at the mini clock we had on our bathroom shelf.

And I thought of you, my dearest friend.

Wish I can fly back home and bitch non-stop with you pre-lunch, over lunch, post-lunch. Here's some mega hugs which I can only hope you'll feel through your everyday stress.

There are a lot of friends back home, a few whom I will die for. But because of distance, time differences as well as each lifestyle schedules, we hardly talk or update. But these babes of mine knew we've gone past the superficial daily updates, and can count on mutual trust and love to go on. For this, I'm glad and am so fortunate to have you all in my life.

The one with the nose concerns, please be good and happy, or at least try to.

The disturbed twin, please love yourself more and good luck with job, love and everything in between.

The fellow wife, please update more often on your fabulous cooking!

Well, if trying to be a good friend is not enough to keep her occupied, Missy now has to keep up being a good wife so that her hubz will still want to kiss her every morning, and love her with every beat of his heart.

So, one fine day, she finally decided it's time to pamper her hubz.

Stewed chicken rice with lup-cheong, mushrooms and steamed egg.

It's easy-ass dish, only a person as lazy as me can come up with. All cooking was done in that one pan.

  1. Stirfry some onions and garlic, lup-cheong, marinated chicken, mushrooms and season with some spices.
  2. Throw in 3 cups of rice, and briefly stir through.
  3. Add chicken stock, or whatever you think is a good base for the rice to absorb flavour. (I tried Barley and Chinese cabbage soup before, and it gave the rice a fragrant sweet twist which almost all who had tried loved completely)
  4. Stir through, and make sure rice is fully covered. Throw in roughly chopped cabbage but do NOT mix. Cover the pan and let it simmer for 15 minutes, or until rice is fluffy.
  5. OPTIONAL: Make a few holes in the rice, not too close to one another. Crack an egg in each and season with pepper. Cover and steam egg for a further 1-2 minutes.
  6. Release cover and you should have the whole house drenched in mouthwatering fragrance, and a hungry husband hovering excited, and lovingly, around. Serve with plenty of kisses and thank-yous.

So there you go. Easy, no?

What's better than taking it easy after a day's work, cooking a good meal for your husband, and just cuddling around till you fall asleep?

Nothing more, I believe.

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.val. said...

omg...sneak peak galore.. damnit now i want to know what is it. looks like flower wrapping but i know i am wrong...arghh... so tempting !!

oh and i hate lup cheong !!! minus the lup cheong it would have been a perfect dish for me... yummmy...

i like cooking my rice with broth/soup lately they give such awesome taste to it and also mainly because the rice cooker is occupied 24/7 with brown rice. heh !!