Add the extra in the ordinaries

Days come and pass just as quickly. And Missy truly believes that it's the people and encounters you meet through the days that make each day so special and mention-worthy.

And that is why, in this post, I'd like to introduce two such extraordinary instances amidst the ordinariness.

Few days past, hubz and I were on the tram cruising towards city. The air was thick with chill and flies, and I was pissed sick with annoying gastric cramps.

And then, when we least expected, this special someone came and provided some form of entertainment throughout the journey, which was good.

Please, I'd like you all to meet Mr. Parisian..

*Please pardon the quality of the photo. I was, afterall, ahem.. sneaking..

You might not pick it up from this photo, but I truly believed, for 2 seconds, that I was transported to the artsy-fartsy of a Parisian street..

Ultra pointy boots.

Skinny jeans.

Medium length coat with peak collars.


Perfectly curled, blonde hair. How sexy is that!!

In person, he looked much more like the part, though I can't really take in too much details even with my swift mobile. Hubz was chicken-shitting when I took out my mobile and pretended to use it for normal purposes. And then, I chicken-shitted after the third photo. We're sucha great couple, no?

Anyway, enough about stalking.

I was craving BAD for these little things since a month back, I think.

They're cute and fluffy, sometimes warm, sometimes cold and always a comfort. But, I can't even tell you how hard it is for me to locate them, or to catch some of them even when I managed to locate them!! It's really depressing..

Last Thursday, I braved against the evil half of myself who constantly wants to sleep, and roared up to challenge. It ain't small feat, I tell you.

Less 3 hours of sleep, in the cold breeze of morning, 20 mins into town, and I finally, finally got hold of the last 6 (six)!

Meet the Mrs..

And her little lovelies..


It was only 11am, but they were ALL sold out. The last six snapped gently by yours truly, of course.

As you can probably see, pictures were taken while Missy was strolling excitedly in the morning sun. On her way to work.

So, I hope it ain't gonna come as a surprise that no pictures of these much sought after baby muffins will follow. Now, if you will excuse me, I'd like to go stuff my face before reaching the workplace.


.val. said...

HORNY woman !!! WOMAN !!!

.val. said...

by the way babe, i've been baking mini cupcakes and muffins lately. haven't got the time to post it up though. *wink*