Time To Get Down To It

The month of February means the preparation for the March issue. Aside from being the too-much-acclaimed month of Valentine's, of course.

Some last minute screws meant that I had to step in and conjure an article in as fast as I can get my used-up brain to think and my stumpy hands to type. And in accordance to March, all I can think of was the abso-fuckin-lutely finger lickin' Mardi Gras celebration in Sydney.

No, I won't be able to make it.

And yes, I'm cursing the heck out of myself as time passes.

So, yes, homosexuality - a topic that never ceases to amuse/ amaze me.

Within an hour, this was what I sent to fellow editors. Unedited. Yet.

When Sally met Sally… - who cares about Harry

M – Recommended for mature readers

From my own beliefs, 75% of the female species strutting the Earth are somehow in one way or another open to homosexuality or, in the mildest view, know that heterosexual tradition is not the ultimate it.

Gone were the days when a woman needs to “reunite” with a man. Much more gone were the days when women are thought to stay in the kitchen while men plough the soil and screw the cows *ahem, sorry.

When women strive for equality, women strive for equality. Meaning, in the quest for a partner, women look for the same status, same physique, same mentality, and needless to say, why not same gender. And, believe it or not, they generally turn out to be more satisfying than a hetero-relationship.

MA: What made you first realize you’re a lesbian, or bi, for that matter? IAS: When my heart skips a beat whenever this girlfriend of mine comes into class, much less to say about me wetting the panties.

MA: So, the physical attraction is there right at the beginning? IAS: Yes. Unlike a girl-boy relationship, a same-sex attraction usually begins with an urge to get her to bed. Then, slowly comes the understanding of her personality and character.

MA: Wouldn’t that equate to plain lust? IAS: Oh, yes. Lesbians are among the most sexually active creatures to ever exist. That said, we are not JUST after sex. There’s, of course, the want-to-get-to-know-you-better stage. And usually, lesbian partners prove to be much more of a listener and comforter.

MA: Not a single doubt. But, what happens when you girls have an argument, you know, both strong-headed and unreasonable? IAS: Well, what happens when a guy has an argument with his girlfriend and he happens to be strong-headed and unreasonable? Same shit, really.

MA: What’s better about being in a same-sex relationship than a hetero? IAS: You’re a woman, she’s a woman. Both unpredictable and unreasonable. There’s the balance.

Lower the chances of being called an ungrateful taker who only cares about sex and footie, I suppose.

Like all relationships, I strongly believe that it is not queer. It merely involves two beings liking one another (at the first stage), developing a deeper emotional understanding (usually the second stage), and gone on to an I-need-to-have-you-right-this-instant physical intimacy (which more often than not, is not the final stage – unlike hetero-relationships).

- Missy Allets

IAS: I am she.

And happily in a relationship with a 110% hetero-guy.

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