Surprise! I'm Home!

At the stroke of midnight, 18th February 2007, I arrived home in my little town in Malaysia, heaving a little luggage, my backpack and my laptop. Might I add, at the exact moment, people started putting up an excellent showcase of fireworks to usher in the brand new Year of the Boar.

So, it was with a dramatic background of shimmering greens, blues, yellows, reds, purples that I arrived home.

I rang the bell. Once. Twice.

And a tiny head popped up from the windows, peering suspiciously, unable to comprehend who the hell would be this eager to offer some new year greetings.

Dad opened the door and continued peering as I strolled, nonchalant, into the courtyard.

He continued peering, then eyes brightened with enough glaze to coat about twenty dozen doughnuts.

Oh!!! My daughter!! Aiya... my daughter!! How come you're back?!

The commotion then brought my brother and sister down from whatever they were doing upstairs. They both had their eyes wide and mouth open.

I, of course, smirked chirpily, enjoying every second of their reaction.

We hugged each other, then more commotion.

Oh my! When did you plan this? Cheeky ah.. oh my!

This, then, brought Mum down from whatever she was doing upstairs.

She shrieked. Aiyo!!! You're back!! My daughter! Really surprised us huh. Did everybody know already? Am I the last one to know? Aiyoo...

No one knew, Mum. No one. I swear I couldn't stop that bloody smirk on my face.

But, what wouldn't I give to relive those precious moments? :) To truly feel accepted and wanted whenever, wherever. I love you, my family, and Happy Chinese New Year.

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what the BLOG!? members?

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yeah, sorry about that.

but, we're back.
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