The Monday Just Passed

Oh, time.. how it flies when you're enjoying it. True for some. Not quite true for me. Another day has yet passed us by. And what had Missy Allets achieved today? Let's see..
  • 8am: Monday morning, she slept.
  • 12pm: she got woken up by a darn call from Boss.
  • 12.15pm: she can't get back to sleep.
  • 12.30pm: she got out of bed, turned on her computer, and started to work.
  • 12.32pm: not in the mood for work.
  • 1pm: watched Lost with Baby C in bed.
  • 5.15pm: fooled around. In bed.
  • 6pm: napped, happily hugged by Baby C.
  • 7pm: dinner. TV.
  • 11.30pm: out for supper with Boss. (More work)
  • 3.33am: finished chatting with her chum in UK and decided maybe it's time to work.
  • 3.34am: decided against it.
  • 3.35am: started blogging.

Life can be so interesting. A Monday life, no less!

And I totally mean it like I say it. I'm no whiner, and I do appreciate what I have now. When things get a little rough, I know that there are more ways things can get worse. Guess it's about time to make things a little clearer.

Missy Allets was born in Malaysia. She's a Chinese born in the wrong end of the world. That said, do NOT misinterpret that as a dissatisfaction on her or anyone's part; or conjure possibilities of bad family values, ties or whatever along the same line. She loves her family of five: Dad, Mum, Brother, herself and Sister. And she has been brought up the true Asian-Chinese way, owing largely to Mum who's been the strict enforcer in her life (one who came up with a no-sex-before-marriage-policy), and Dad who's been the constant clown of de-stressing throughout her teenage struggle; moulding her into the way she is today. *you can take that either way, cos it's not like I give a fuck anyway.

She travelled alone for the first time at the ripe age of 18 to a country of sheilas and her mates, a country where one coos the roos to sleep while drinking a VB, a country which she thought was a brand new start, a country which forces her to grow up and learn the harsh way, a country that was her camp while she tried to figure out the whole deal about sexuality, her sexuality, a country where she felt the bitter cold of winter first time ever, a country everyone knows as Australia.

She has never regretted a moment. Good or disastrous, she was glad these things came her way. She finished three years at the University of Melbourne doing Arts. She made new friends, she met one of her best friends now, her heart was broken, her life was completed.

For half a year after graduation, she indulged in the loving arms of her family back home while working in a kick-ass advertising firm. Next thing we know, she quit her job and came back to the loving embrace of Baby C again.

She is now basking in bliss, as her best chum had put it. Working* for a publication as the co-editor, online advertising correspondence, and whatever little tasks you can think of. It's not bringing in the dough but she's contented living with Baby C and staring into his eyes for the rest of her life. But, of course, she's just saying for the sake of saying it. She wants to work a full-time soon, and get back to corporate slavery. Maybe that turns her on, no one knows.

In the world of Missy Allets, no one knows anything. Not even herself. One very good advice is: she lives by the second, so just take her word as it comes. You don't even have to make sense of it.


After a positively self-banter, I have come to realize, that it's the nothingness that I have achieved this Monday. The nothingness that's choked full of words and thoughts.

See you soon.

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