A Little Bit More

A nice day to start.

So let's just dedicate this one to getting to know each other more. (IF you drop something in that little box as well).

Missy Allets likes:

pregnant ladies.
toned arms.
a dimple, on the right side of cheek.
soy chai latte in a big mug.
bread&butter pudding/ sticky date pudding.
holidays/ vacations/ getaways. travels.
by herself or with her love, Baby C.
barren trees.
words. words. definitely more words.
wooden chessboards.
an email on a rainy day.
a kiss on her forehead.
ladies in very short crop. with a sharp jawline.
natural tan.
the extraordinary.
dinner. good dinner.
Audrey Hepburn.
*Did I just say Audrey Hepburn?
**Yep, I totally meant Audrey Hepburn. Excuse me for a bit, I almost wet myself thinking..
thinking. philosophy. psychology.
queers: gays. lesbians.
2 1/2-inch heels.
hair on men's arms.
hugs. tight and sincere ones.
falling asleep, tucked under the doona.
wholemeal, multigrain muffins with chopped dried sultanas, almonds and macadamia.
salsa dance.
women's bodies wrapped in low-cut, snug-fit dress. wearing 2 1/2-inch heels.
Ok, this is getting longer than necessary. Let's move on.

Missy Allets dislikes:

two-faced persons.
the name "Patricia".
awkward silence.
bad hair day.
bad time management.
rich snobs.
being told what to do.
being told off.
being told the norm. being told the accepted.
last minute changes.
not kissing Baby C.
another day of idle.
too much work.
horror movies.

These are items fit for the very general stuff. But, I'm sure we can get in depth more in the near future ;)

Till then, allow me to kiss goodnight

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