I Have Plagiarized...

There's a lot of things that I want to do. A lot. Some may think it's weird and stupid - the stuff I'm thinking. While some say it's extraordinary. The more polite ones would say they're amazing. Among the list of stuff that I've been wanting to do:
  • Dress up as old women/ men. And see how many actually help me when I fall down in the middle of the road.
  • Watch tigers mate. And see if they turn me on more than human sex.
  • Start travelling around the world by begging money from streets. And see if I'll succeed.
  • Create so many identities that I virtually forgot who I really am. And see if I can find my way "home".
  • Plagiarize on the net. And see how long they actually take to track me down.
  • Fall down a long flight of stairs. And see how I can keep my knee bruise-free.
  • Attempt to die. And see how the near-death experience feels like, or maybe just see if I die and if I know I've died.
  • Tell a lie so often. And see it transform into plain truth.
  • Be a friend to someone I hate. And see if I eventually befriend her or really just plot for her death.
  • Escape from everything to start a new life as a new person. And see if I can be a world-known escaper.
  • Break an arm. And see if faith will help it grow.
  • Make known the fact that I'm so hooked on women. And see if I can be a playgirl among the girls.
  • Go to hell. And see if I can actually get a tan from fires.

Sigh.. and I hate to think that I might not be able to accomplish all of these.

Goodbye for now. Missy Allets is slowly sinking back to the comfort of depression.

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Rambler said...

Of all the things you wanted to do
"Escape from everything to start a new life as a new person. And see if I can be a world-known escaper"
I think this is most fascinating. Have you ever thought, if you escape from this life and start all over again, how different from yourself you will end up to be.
I had a similar thought, of wanting to start over, just after thinking for sometime I realized I would end up doing the same things and ending up the same person