Princesses at the Mount

I told you we'll be back. And very soon, indeed. In fact, this is already considered a much belated post.

Dolls At The Mount this time is an equally, if not more anticipated experience. My sweet wifey's sweet 24th. Between you and me, this far surpassed our tea at Sofi's.

Viv made sure of that. Oh yes, she did.

Just look at our feast, will you? Just look at it..

The scones were a delight, undoubtedly. But the two tiers of delicacy promptly made its way onto our love-list too. Where should I start?

The classic nanna sponge were light and I'd say, just right. It's sweet, but not overclouding the sourish tang of the berry jam sandwiched between a slather of cream and soft sponge. A delightful companion to a sip of good ol' Devonshire tea.

The roly-poly sandwiches also proved to be an absolute balance on the palate. Too bad Missy ain't high on white bread (don't ask me why I can do scones instead, because there is NO question in that), but otherwise, a perfect concoction of fresh salad and either ham, turkey, beef and egg. We believe Viv slipped in some special homemade relish in between some as well. Wifey and I can both vouch for this gorgeous touch.

Among the beautiful spread, little treats were hidden on the plate too. Baby yo-yos, little chocolate balls, and..

Another love-at-first-sight: this creamy PINK cupcake, specially for lou por. Pink and rosy. Pink because it's lovely, gentle and sophisticated. Pink because it's for you.

Happy birthday, wife!

*Oh yes, we packed up whatever that is left to tempt, because we wouldn't be able to finish the high-tea platter even if our life depended on it anyway. And we got another serve of chocolate scones just to wrap the experience in its grand finale.

Verdict? Purrrrrfect.

Or, almost anyway.

Viv brought along this recipe book in all kindness. But I'm not gonna spoil the fun here.

Well, why not drop in for your own whole new tea experience at Dolls At The Mount. There's plenty to discover, I can say that much ;)

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.val. said...

Awww lou por...thank you so much... love you and thee scrumptious affair to death...