I honestly love you

All these while, I've been told quite frequently that I am a kind person. Too kind at times, which makes me look silly, but that's not the point today.

I always wonder if that was true, if I am indeed nice by nature, because that word is just too vague and overused. So much so that people will just throw that word around in various forms and you won't know if they actually mean it. Heck, it could very well be this century's Colloquial of the Century, for goodness sake; sorry, pun very much intended.

I need an answer.

And thanks to the world wide web, I think I finally found it.

Join me, along with the throngs of nice people in the world, to spread some love in the Well of Positivity, an initiative by Mt Franklin in supporting the National Breast Cancer Foundation. For each positive message or comment you drop in the well, Mt Franklin will donate $1 to the Foundation. Note: Positive.

Now, I can't say for everyone, but I definitely got busy dropping and commenting and whatnots. It's kind of like a therapy, you know. The do-good therapy. Hard to believe, but I just spent the entire of my last evening in the well, and that's when this thought came to my mind, "Hey, I think everyone's right! I think I really am nice!".

I could be wrong, but the thought is really warming up to me now. Yay, I'm nice!


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