Trilogy Trio

Much has been said, and heard, may I stress, about rosehip oil. No links here, but I assure you a quick google will yield enough results to make you jump out of your chair the very instant to the nearest pharmacy or departmental store available. That said, I can only lament that I did not succumb any sooner.

And so, with pompous drum rolls and massive fireworks, only because they more than worth the extravagance; my dearest readers, I present to yous, my absolute favourite skincare of the moment year decade.

Left to right: Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil, Trilogy Cream Cleanser, Trilogy Hydrating Mist Toner.

Winter has just passed and not without leaving its visible trail of dryness on my skin. My first application of the oil few weeks prior, brought the glimmer of hope back to my eyes. I knew I was saved.

Frankly speaking, the word "oil" was the main culprit in putting me off the action all this while. I mean, oil and face just don't seem to complement each other, in Missy's humble opinion. But no, this oil, this amazing rosehip oil is far from damaging your skin. It's like the first plunge into freshwater after 2 months in the sea; your skin's oasis in the vast Sahara. Yes, I cannot be at all subtle about this.

As for the two supporting products, I have equally high praises.

The cream cleanser is totally a God-sent on late nights when you really can't be bothered but you know you have to take off your make-up, however light, and prep it to recover overnight. So, imagine, instead of 1) remove make-up and pulling your already scant lashes while doing so, 2) double cleanse your face, 3) pat on toner, 4) dab eye cream, 5) serum, 6) moisturiser, double moisturiser; now my routine becomes 1) wash off make-up (yes, mascara too!) with said cleanser, 2) warm 3 drops of oil between palms and massage face and neck and 3) gingerly stare at my reflection and grin, hehe no, I don't do that ALL the time, God no!

And the mist, a perfect complement to an already talented sister. During the course of the day, when you just need a tad of moisture boost, to perk up the skin, well guess what, it's there. It's sitting there patiently awaiting its debut. Whole day/ night out? Spray, spray and you're good as new. And not that you don't already know, but Missy LOVES anything and everything hassle-free.

So there you have it, my can't do without, won't do without Trilogy Trio. Only problem is, Spring is fast approaching and I'm really wondering what the mix of oil and heat will bring. Well, I'll know soon, and obviously, yous will know soon too. Till then, stay hydrated!

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.val. said...

Ah, interesting trio. The cleanser sounds like a lush gem. I am so glad my clinique can wash off EVERYTHING...the sensation is mind blowing. You'd be thinking to yourself, all these while what have I been doing scrub and rubbing it off with stupid useless cleanser eh?
Yay to more rosehip oil !!