Last year that day..

9th June, I'm pretty sure I've instilled this date in your mind for good, whether you want/ like it or not.

But yes, 9th June.

I still can't believe it has been one whole year. I wanted to say it's one long year that has come full circle, but I really can't, can I? First off, it has been a massive 365 days, but it has sneaked by so quietly, we were taken by surprise..

And secondly, what's one year compared to the rest of our lives, my darlings?

So, we decided to have a little celebration of our own. Something that is not too extravagant considering the event end of this year, but still memorable for the two of us. The two of us. The two of us. Why do I get such a rush of pleasure when these little words swirl around my tongue? The two of us..

I bought us some wine and Baby Hubz' favourite Raffaello.

*See that green note stuck on my keypad? He stuck them all over the place with sweet little messages. How does he know I LOVE having things to read?!* I love that boy..

Off to Donovans, we went..

It was very cosy inside Donovans. Very. Cosy. And classy.

Dim atmosphere. Checked.

Flickering candlelights. Checked.

Gentle music. Checked.

Upholstered armchairs. Checked.

Library, with stacks of books and wine. CHECKED.

We were like two little birds, fluttering around in excitement and exquisite pleasure. The staff who attended to us was very lovable, though it might be the strain of training or the prospect of generous tips more than genuinely want-to-be-friends friendly, you know..

We had wine, which I can safely say was a rare treat these days (if you don't think about the wine casks I stashed away somewhere in the bedroom).

*Pardon the lack of foodie photos. Dim lights are meant to be soaked by romance, not flashes, you see.

For starters, we had a plate of Four Tastes to share. We highly recommend this.

Baby Hubz was blown away by the bbq quail. In his own words, "Four Tastes had me at.. the quail." And I was equally satisfied with the parmesan stuffed and crumbed mushroom, and scallop baked in a tomato vinaigrette. The grilled capsicum and olive, though, was just alright.

Then we had both warm and cold oysters. Warm oysters was baked with spinach and spicy parmesan (YUMS), and cold Pacific oysters was served with citrus oil.

Mains, I had a seafood linguine done the extravagant way, complete with a grilled scampi on top; while Baby Hubz had his Queensland leader prawns, butterflied and grilled with chilli and oregano (Oh-My-God).

Not that he was starving, but I knew he wasn't full with his prawns and 1/2 plate of my food :) But to be fair, we did aim to go for desserts, so while waiting for my mains to digest, we had a chat.

We looked down Memory Lane with fond memories.

We both agreed that the past year has been very good.

Sure, there were lots of headaches..

And double the naggy tongue..

But, as long as we hold our hands near our heart, and kiss it gently with adoration, we realized it is a calm, peaceful and most importantly, a God-sent marriage.

And a marriage this beautiful ought to be celebrated. Always with the perfect company, followed by good food, some wine, and finished with a Sticky Mandarin Pudding with vanilla honeycomb ice-cream.

Even the chefs decided to send us some complimentary melt-between-your-fingers-like-totally!-and-seriously dark chocolate truffles dusted with cocoa.

Now that we're almost at the end of our journey, here's more for the list:

Attentive services. Checked.

FREE sweets. Checked.

Restrooms, complete with oil lampshades, rodeo bull & steer ropes, and hays. CHECKED!

It's hard to believe, but yes, this is the restroom.

Loving every moment* as your baby lou por, Happy Anniversary, baby.

*Ok, I lied. Loving about 87.62% of the time.. ;) More love on the way!

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.val. said...

happy anniversary lou por and may tens and thousands more celebrations to come. think i may have convinced baldman to come to your wedding end of the year. fingers crossed.