31 hours, and then some..

Delirious to report that waking up on Friday morning, Missy hence would stay awake for 31 or so hours before she finally lays her tiny head on the pillow. And fall instantly asleep, but that would have been a redundant statement.

Don't prode why, for work, and work commitment alone will push Missy beyond her reasonable reasonings.

Anyway, I woke up today feeling certain that rest is well-deserved, and it is technically STILL weekend. But no, it is Sunday and work beckons in 6 hours. I shook my pathetic head and stamped my foot firm on the carpeted ground, NO, I refuse to wallow in self-pity.

And that explains why Missy is here, typing feverishly with incoherent thoughts and thinking of lunch when she barely JUST finished her big bowl of oats with chopped dates, a sprinkle of wheatgerm and ground linseed, topped with sliced banana and raspberries. And may I make a slight detour to say it was absolutely DELISH!

Speaking of good tastes, I have a few things to update: the feet, the head and those in between.

The Feet

We went to Brunswick just few weeks ago to check out a small, buzzing cafe which has now become our much-loved chilling space. Minimo in itself deserves a mention in a blog post devoted to it, so please be patient with me.

So, anyway, we absolutely had a blast, satisfying our needs to sit down for a long, long undisturbed time, eating good (albeit a tad overpriced) food and keep yakking about me, her and hims :)

We've already made two trips down in a period of two weeks. On the first trip, we walked along blocks upon blocks of quirky shops, in the sole purpose to find the well-reviewed herb pizza. We found it, and decided it is now the well-delusioned herb pizza. To be fair, I think the base was alright, but the herbs at best can be described as a walking India+Lebanon made with hands that you don't want to know have touched what.

But yes, you're right, what has this got to do with the Feet?

During our quest for abovementioned pizza, we chanced upon a factory outlet selling cheap lingerie, underwear, socks and the likes. We totally had to browse at the kid's section. Even then, we did not manage to find a lot of good deals.

I did, however, score this:

So fluffy, so cute, so-keeping-my-feet-warm..

Also comes with little rubber base so the accident-prone Missy will not stumble on her own foot. Yay!

The Head

Now, this is much more straight to the point.

It was Friday the 13th. We had a haircut.

Black Friday was tonight, and tonight was the night.

Poniku new collection. I love this open collar Batman dress. Just the perfect dress for Black Friday, coupled with my newly acquired..


Baby Hubz went crazy, but really.. there's nothing much I can do to stop that, you know..

I completed the look with black danglies.

And I loved the reflection looking back at me.

So I presented the finished look to Missy, and she nodded her approval.

I could have gone further with smokey eyes and the package, but decided I would rather not.

Black Friday finished at 3.30am for me, and before I know it, I transformed back into the clean make-up, skirt and suited lady in the office. Until 4pm, that is, because after that I was just a plain wreck.

The Sweet in-Betweens

Anniversary will be no anniversary with no cake. And though this does not count as a cake, at least it gave us something to hold our hands together and cut into.

Incredible flourless chocholate almond cake, with whole blueberry and almond. Believe it or not, the blueberry bite was THE BEST.

And of course, extra batter..

Equally yummy, and I mean Hubz-says-it's-amazing yummy. And Missy chuckles to herself knowing this yumminess is minus flour, minus butter fat and less sugar!

If he ever wants to debate on health vs good taste, who says the both won't co-exist?

A brief glance to the lower right corner of my screen shows me the time, and I involuntarily whined..

I hope I'll be back soon.

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