I Eat, I Pray, and I sure Love..

Speaking of geniuses and/or heroines and/or women worth dreaming about, Elizabeth Gilbert definitely makes it to my list.

I'm currently 1/3 of my way through her journey in this splendid book, Eat, Pray, Love, and already I find myself living her world, thinking her thoughts and feeling deep within her.

This book is basically about The Search. Yes, The Search with capitals T and S. Why? Because, it's an untouchable, invisible force of searching. Each page brings with it new understanding of deeper understanding, as you will see once you flip the pages for yourself.

I'm inspired.

Though I can't possibly (not now, anyway) pack my bags and leave the country in pursuit of my search, I can, however, feel the motivation to live life fuller. I eat like it's the Italian's last chance to cook. I pray like that's the reason it rains and shines in India. And I love.. I love like the unconditional sway of banyan trees along the coasts of Indonesia.

Witty aside, this is one deeply inspirational and motivating read. God bless Liz!

And thank you, The Great Force of Being, for bestowing upon me the chance to realize how thoroughly blessed I am, with what I have and who I have. Things are never meant to be. If you are given, then please, open up the heart to let in gratitude.

Here's one I'm grateful for: Baby Hubz, and the life we share.

Here's three more of whom I officially give my heart to: my Twin, my Bi, my Wife.

And of course, there's ALWAYS the Family.

I heart you all.


.val. said...

I heart you too my fellow wifey.

Chloe Goh said...

babe, u know even when my heart is broken into pieces.. there's bound to be THAT one piece left for u. hehe.

Love ya!