Facebook can do wonders!

Some time ago, Missy felt a little worthless and helpless. It wasn't anything mild considering that her friend, Mr Depression, left for gloomier pastures only 2 years before, and she had only stopped all medication a little before that. Although it's nothing suicidal yet but it's definitely putting a strain on her self-esteem as well as her relationship with anyone who came within the 2mile radius.

And that is when I came to know about
Laura Benjamin, a fellow writer no doubt, and also a coach in various aspects. Truth is, I searched for ways to overcome communication disasters failures. Not that I think I'm crap when it comes to conveying thoughts, but when everything goes the wrong way and you're down in the dump, you just want to do something, anything, and set things right again.

I loved Laura as a woman. I see her like the guardian nanna who teaches you life's lessons from the comfort of her kitchen while stirring a pot of winter soup. One of the many little details I got from her is (and, yay!) confidence. With confidence, I befriended Ms. Faith and Dr. Miracle.

Which comes to this post today.

I was attracted back to her blog yesterday with a simple title, "How Blogging Connected Birth Mom and Adopted Child 36 Years Later". And why wouldn't I? You and I both know Missy is a sucker for everything sweet and miraculous and amazing and.. yeah, you got that.

So, it all started with joining Facebook. (Oh, and welcome to Facebook, Laura! Give me a poke if you see me there) A little touch here, and a couple of looks there.. soon, Laura decided for a trip down memory lane and created a group for her high school, and eventually its very own little blog, www.cardinalmooneyhighschoolblog.com

It might sound err-no-way-you-too?!-coincident, but a day before I read Laura's blog, I just joined my own high school's Facebook group, SETA! Now that I think back, I did feel a rush of excitement when I was browsing through the picture gallery and looking at the list of groupies, especially old classmates. Good ol' memories, indeed.

Back to our subject, a young man named Matt left a comment to look for his birth parents, who, as you would have guessed, both attended Rochester NY Cardinal Mooney High School. Follow what happened next in Laura's post here.

The miracle of miracles in short, he DID find his birth mother and they FINALLY met after 36 years, when he was sent for adoption all those years ago.

Now, honey, if you don't call this amazing, or grandly newsworthy, I don't know what is. Till I give birth to my own twins in 4 years' time, this will remain one of the most joyous moments in life for me. And it doesn't even have anything to do with me! Amazing..

On a side note, I'm thinking to take up yoga & meditation. All in pursuit of MY search. Wonder how I'll fare..

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Laura Benjamin said...

Thanks Missy. It is indeed a pleasure to spread some joy and hopefulness in this world! Thanks to the 'net, it is indeed a much smaller and friendlier place!