Beg to differ, please

Ok folks, Missy just got back from work. She's hungry and she's tired, but she's got this absolutely worth-your-2-minutes thought.

Maybe it doesn't come as a surprise for someone who plays and lives on words to tell you that words DO make a difference. But, that's exactly what I'm going to say to you; Words DO make a difference.

Whatever you wish to convey depends solely on how you communicate, which directly translates to the words you choose.

Believe it or not, the same situation can vary drastically because of a single WRONG word. I hope I've established the importance enough..

Well, before you go "What the hell is wrong with her today? Geez, liven up, Missy", maybe it's only polite that I clarify.

I should, shouldn't I?

Here goes.

Where else but the workplace, people?!?

Yes, working means you have the golden privilege of meeting all sorts of people who either make your day good, or goddamn bad. As opposed to staying home and facing your kettle, that is.

So, what is it that happened at the workplace?

I started a new retail not too long ago (Yeh, I know.. a new one again??) and I have, directly above me, two managers.

On my first day, one tells me things like, "I want you to put this *waves a piece of Brioni shirt* back. It's at the back *points somewhere behind me*"

I replied, "Ok, but back where?"

She, in all her wisdom, "At the back.."

Another one goes, "Hey, do you know where to put this *same piece of shirt*? It's in the staff room, the bottom shelf, let me know if you can't find it.."

Lightbulbs lighting above my head, "Yea, sure"

I mean, how hard is it to add a little description to make people's lives easier? Holy!

Scene 2:

Manager 1: We don't really need anymore people now, so I want you to be a good girl...

Me: ... *raised brows* questions marks question marks..*

Manager 2: If you can find anything to do, do it. If you can't, fake it. The management is really strict lately and they'll give me shit if they're not happy with you. So, just do your best, ok.

Me: *nods enthusiastically

And below is the classic, happened during which Manager 2 was away for holiday..

Manger 1: I want you to ask. If you don't know anything, you must ask.

Me: Of course. But, you know, sometimes there are things that you don't even know about, like the company rules. I need you to tell me, because if I don't even know about this thing's existence, how would I ask?

Manager 1: Just ask..

Me: Yea, I know, but..

Manager 1: You have to ask, better ask than make mistakes.

Me: Ok, I'll try my best..

3 minutes later..

Me: Hey, do you know where I can find this brand? I looked all over and I can't find it.

Manager 1: I want you to learn by yourself. After this, you look again..

Me: ... (all that shite about asking, huh)

I'm officially using this as a grumbling channel.

Man, you're one weird shit!!!

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.val. said...

dahhhhlingggg, sitting at home facing the kettle sounds so eerily familiar... hmnnn