You know your husband loves you when..

.. he comes to your workplace for lunch with a bunch of flowers..

.. he writes you goosebump-y messages and hides them inside the wardrobe, so when you come home from work and slide open the door, there's a pleasant surprise to counter whatever shits you may have gone through that night..

.. he always makes you your hangover-saviour sandwich the morning after you had a drink too many, and he makes it just the way you like/need it..

.. he bakes you a pizza from scratch at 10.17pm, just cos you mentioned you could do with some pizza, and actually allows you to eat more instead of breathing down your neck with "You could do with some cross-training"..

.. he tells you lies like "You're hotter than her"..

Because of all these and more, I am one darn pampered wife.


.val. said...

oh FINALLY she blogs !!

.val. said...

and dare I say you are one hell of a lucky woman. *wink* envyyy