Half of the half century man

It was the birthday weekend passed.

Whose birthday?

The 25-year old hubz..

That's him.
With his classic pose.


I booked us a Spanish place (one month in advance) so we can have some nice tapas, warm ourselves with good wine, have a good laugh and chat, and celebrate him getting older.

As it turned out, we were contemplating KFC after during dinner. And no, your eyesight is perfectly fine, my dearest.

To be fair, the food was not bad at all. But, we gave the overall experience a borderline pass. Not to mean we didn't enjoy each other's company, but even the most passionate lovebirds need the complementary perfect ambience at times, right?


So ok, food, let's talk food.

Probably the only dish worth mentioning is this.

Brilliant fish, with housemade tomato relish.

I think I might have a thing for relish. I know, when I almost creamed in my pants.. I just know.

And after a night of holy vegetable sensation, more relishes, the man finally had his share of meat..

Eye fillet and chorizo salsa.


Not particularly satisfied, we decided to go out the next day for some well-deserved meal. The weather was just too perfect to pass, so we headed to St Kilda and ended up in Monroe's.

Kinda sceptical after what we had last night.

Nevertheless, we should always, always be up for challenges, surprises, second chances, new experiences, whatever you like to call them.

And I must say, I'm glad we did.

I was tremendously impressed with my foccacia of chicken, bacon, tomato, avocado, lettuce and garlic aioli.

He was sensibly happy with his lamb shank on a bed of mash.


We ended up two non-angered, very full people :)

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