Disappointment, exhilaration & of course, post-exhilaration

So, your missing Missy is back again.

This time with heaps of story to tell, and an archive to pictures waiting to be loaded, but she just can't be fucked.

Well, let's rewind, shall we?

The last time I left this, we were on the subject of.. let's see.. ah, yes, employment opportunities, which was really very much anticipated then, and I did promise to come back to that later on, which is now. To cut things sweet and short, I have just one word for this :)


No, actually, make that screwed.

It will probably take me a month of meditation on the holy mountain of Tibet to get over it, but oh well, I suppose they are right when they say it's pretty deceptive out in the business world.

Whatever that was advertised turned out to be less than half the truth. First, there was the unmistakable print of "full-time", which I naively take to be.. "full-time". What an idiot I was, right? Of course they don't mean full-time, you silly pig! What they really meant was casual, with full-time working hours. Hmmm, deep.

Next came the issues of salary package and work tasks, which surprisingly enough, was nothing they advertised. Needless to say, Missy bid ciao and came home to a loving hubz.

What follows next is a complete twist of that ill-fated agenda above.

*Hubz took two weeks off work. *AND arranged a trip to Hobart, Tasmania.

He said it's like a pre-honeymoon. "Like an entree, or starter, or small meal," he said like a 5-year-old boy, trying to impress Mrs. Brownie who lives next door.

But he absolutely won it. The timing was perfect! We were both burnt out, stressed and depressed. And a holiday was exactly what we needed. Not anything fancy, nor classy, just a place to relax and watch the world goes by. What better place than Tasmania? ;)

So off we flew, over the neighbouring waters, and onto the cold land of Hobart. The place is small, yet big enough for a couple like us to explore and enjoy at our own pace. You feel SO comfortable, I tell you, SO comfortable.

You can even smell the fresh, crisp air right in the city, not to mention out in the suburbs. Actually, let's mention that. It was so beautiful, like you're breathing in the equivalent of spring water in Norway, or the Swiss snow mountains and forests. It's good.

We stayed for 5 days 4 nights. Had seafood (OH, the seafood!!) for 5 days 4 nights. Strolled along the dock for 5 days 4 nights. Loved the easy lifestyle for 5 days 4 nights. Laughed and joked for 5 days 4 nights.

It's nice to note that the relationship between us husband and wife has strengthened during this trip, you know less plucky and less pissed. Just plenty of loving,.. and making love.

Like all good things, we had to bid goodbye with heavy heart. I can't remember the last time I felt so down after a trip. Probably when I was 10, when we had to end our trip to Sydney. It's not that we don't love Melbourne. We do! In fact, we looked forward to our room, our bed, our home again. But, coming back here meant the holiday is slowly coming to an end. And work beckons hard and fast. Sigh..

Speaking of work, it is with absolute disgust that I was disturbed during the high of my holiday, with issues from the magazine. I'm no saviour, no. So I did the best that I could - switched off the mobile.

Afterall, I only have this much time to spend with my hubz before we each go back to digressing timetables. And every second counts ;)

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