Hey! Let's just have sex..

Now that I have grabbed your undivided attention, I'm gonna ruin it all by saying, No, you aren't getting any, sorry..

Anyway, this post came about from a very disturbing, yet awesome conversation I had with someone at the workplace few days ago.

I might have forgotten to mention to you folks that the workplace I'm currently slogging it out sees quite a few well-to-do men on a daily basis, being an upmarket men's boutique itself. By well-to-do, I really mean gold-dropping-from-your-fucking-rich-ass-well-to-do. Men who readily part with 7x,xxx in half an hour of spontaneous shopping. Cash.

The girls had to bloody get the security in to guard while they counted those fucking grands, alright! I did mention cash, didn't I?

Ok, let's move on to address the issue.

Now, the workplace is dominated by girls. Pretty girls. Young, pretty girls.

Get it? Young, pretty girls serving rich, old men.

No, no, no, Missy ain't working in a brothel, if that's the idea you're getting.. but, believe it or not, people actually do "book" the girls, and boy, do they book them openly!

There's this 18 year-old (who by the way, looks 5 years more matured than myself) whom I heard was involved in a relationship (whatever form, I'm not too sure) with some old guys who happened to be one of our customers. From thereon, it's always D&G, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Fendi. Not to mention an occasional bouquet of flowers and a lovebite or two..

And my manger once had a stash of cash put down in front of her with a, "Come to bed with me" (YES! Amazing how blatantly they can just say it out without the decency to at least cover it with "just wanna be friends". Do we give them credit for this??!) On a good note, I'm proud to say that my manager refused, albeit in a polite way as "we can't afford to lose these customers".. hmmph

For the women who readily dug in to promises of mansions on the hill, golden platters and silver showers, how does this easy way out feel? I'm not gonna say what's right or wrong here but can the infatuation last forever, or at least till Xmas? When they go back to their wives and kids, where will you go?

For the women who stood their ground, let's hug it out. Though as woman-to-woman, was there really not even the slightest bit that your heart skipped, imagining the life you can have; no more toils, no more mortgage-grey-hair, no more 5-year-plan-nonsense.. how Cinderella is that?!

Well, to be honest, I do feel a little stressed in the beginning working for a big brand like this, but looking on the positive side, there's heaps to learn and to grow, no? To learn to stand strong on what I believe is right, and to grow to love more the hubz who never ceases to annoy, pamper and love me.

Corporate prostitution.. hmmm, how classy..

What do you folks think, eh?

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