Green is my new black!; Life's Beautiful (Take: Nine)

With all the green talk revolving round the block, Missy has a confession to make.

It's official.

Green IS my new black.

Missy is currently so smitten with this green fruit that she's practically swearing by its creamy, nutty flavour.

My dear folks, I present to you.. my green love..

It's not unfamiliar at all. Much has been debated on the pros and cons of an avocado. And I'm only stating what most of you already know.

Yes, they are super high in fat. But, the keypoint is monounsaturated fat, which in lay man terms 'good fat'.

Maybe it's the coming of summer, or maybe it's just Missy's hormonal cravings at this time of the month, but I tell ya'll, I'm drenched in the scent of avocado and smiling in my sleep, whatever that meant to you..

I was first introduced to avocado way back in 1991. By Dad.

It was a California handroll. My first bite of gourmet in a sleek Japanese restaurant.

Truth be told, I didn't quite fall for it the first time round, being a geeky 7-year old in awe of the splendour of "cold food".

Next chance encounter happened years down the road, in the heat of 2003. I fell in love, hard.

Green sanctuary

Being a health freak all these years, I can safely say I totally adore this fat.

I can have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner, anytime, all the time.

Breakfast is a classic affair: Avocado spread on multigrain toasts OR avocado smoothie.

Lunch is a slightly fancier affair: Lean meat (chicken, turkey or ham), half an avocado (quarter spread and quarter cubed), baby spinach leaves, cheese and omelette on light rye toasts.

Dinner is an elegant affair: Creamy pasta of chicken, avocado and pinenuts OR homemade tacos with lean beef, diced tomatoes and avocadoes, lettuce and salsa OR avocado and mango salad OR avocado ice-cream.. (nah, just kidding, though there really are recipes on this)

Ever since I got so hooked on this green, I've been making a few changes myself. Walk more, breathe deep, carry a green bag for groceries, sorting the whole apartment's recyclables, and talking green whereever I go, and green with envy at super toned and tanned ladies, but let's not get there..

Bottomline is, the possibilities are endless. Experiment and experience the green goodness for yourselves.

Folks, I implore you.. go GREEN!!

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