That's 2-moon For Us, Darling

This is belated.

8th April, 2007 to be precise, we stepped onto the second year of love and care and understanding.. me and my Baby C.

It was great, really, just spending a day (a whole day) holding hands and smiling into each others' eyes.

When I woke up that morning at 9, I had nothing to expect. This time, Baby C actually played it well!

I went in the bathroom and an envelope was stuck on the mirror. It says, "Good morning, my love!" I opened it and there's a mission.. something along the line of Amazing Love Race haha, it cracked me up.

Anyway, to cut 18 hours short, he had me.. well, us, on 8 missions (8 being our number, and I guessed it right!) It was mostly a trip to revisit our beginning. It's not like oh-you're-so-romantic-I'm-gonna-swoon kinda stuff, but having to visit the place where we first met, first talked, first chatted, first danced, first dated, then where we got together LOL it's just splendid.. in a quiet and relaxed way.

While we reached the final destination i.e. a club where two years ago, two mildly intoxicated us ended up holding hands, we sat down to take a breather. And that's when Baby C conjured the 6th envelope, which contains two tickets to Miss Saigon! A play I've been craving for agesssssss

I was THIS happy!

We both enjoyed the play, I cried like a mad cow and like two satisfied turtles, we crawled our way out of the packed theatre.

Here comes Mission 7: to hold Baby C's hands all the way to a new German restaurant we've never tried before. Share at least a bottle of wine and two entrees. Lavish in love and each other's company.

Our menu that night turned out to be absolutely fabulous.

We shared a German riesling, kidney bean soup and garlic bread. Breathtaking.

He had a pork shank in its own sauce with sides of sauerkraut, pickles and mashed potatoes. It was hugeeee!

I had a veal schnitzel drenched in creamy mushroom sauce with sides of steamed vegetables and potato dumplings. I almost didn't want to leave.

By the time we did leave, we were under the impression that it was Christmas :)

Our last mission, I hear you ask?

Well, final mission for two who're well-fed and much-loved, doesn't leave much room for imagination, does it..

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