Growing Up, Or Not Quite..

Just the other day, in fact 14th April (which I later found to be a darn popular date for weddings, engagements and even anniversaries!), Baby C and I attended one of his colleagues' wedding.

To the blissful Mr. and Mrs. Simmonds, it was with such a great pleasure witnessing the ceremony of your love and promises, and we hope you two endless joy :)

I shall not be dedicating this whole blog on how sweet they both looked, or what a success the ceremony was, simply because.. I don't NEED to. It's too apparent.

On to the wedding reception that night, we sat with a table-ful of strangers; friends of groom, colleagues of bride etcetc. There's this middle-aged couple who had left my skull choked full of thoughts and questions as I sliced my veal and dug into my creamy strawberry cheesecake. I would like to introduce to you, Brendan & Michelle (I'm sorry I forgot the last name)

First glance would have me guess that they were husband and wife, attending a dinner together, OR both had failed relationships and are now venturing into a whole new dating era.


Not totally wrong, but technically (yea, we love this word), technically, wrong.

They WERE husband and wife. They are separated. They each have two kids, which made it a grand total of 4 kids, though whom has who, whom's whose? I don't really know. The fact that they attended it together.. hmmm, for all you know, they each might have even been newly married! It's always been a mystery to me, the whole marriage and separation thing.

At one point, Michelle queried about my age, which I unsuspectingly replied "turning 23", with double emphasis on turning for reasons I don't even think I have. I swear, she then looked so.. frail and envious, my heart broke.

Yeh, those were the times. Sleeping late, waking late, surfing the WWW, relax, maybe watch a movie or go out for dinner sometimes. Minimal worries, happy days. Well, when you're strapped with kids front and back, there's no way it's gonna happen.

I was confused.

One. I totally agree, and I couldn't have stressed more the sacrifices a parent makes when s/he, well.. becomes a parent. It's no doubt that kids tie you down to the mundanest of actions everyday, and by that, I meant EVERYfuckindayofyourlifeforever.

BUT, aren't they supposed to be your joy and love as well? The reason for your being, and living? I mean, if you weren't ready yet, why have them? (I'm not tackling accidental pregnancies here, btw) Obviously, after you've taken your vows and and all the tie-knots-whats-not, you would have come to a decision, mutual decision, that it's time for a little action now! (Or, action to have a little one, however you like it) Then, you wished you were back in the days of singledom.. ?

I don't get this thing, and I guess I'd never figure it out. But then again, for someone who secretly wishes to have her twin babies AND a pet tiger AND NO husband, who am I to throw in my two cents, right?

So, I sat quietly, sipping my wine; wonder and ponder.

By the way, did I mention that I would really love to stay on mountains, with my twins and pet tiger??

What? You mean, we're supposed to have husbands?

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