Responsibilities, got it?!; Life's Beautiful (Take: Two)

Let's first talk about responsibilities

Screw the dictionary for a second and Missy Allets will tell you what she thinks responsibility is.

Responsibility, taking in stride what you NEED to do, and know that you HAVE to do it because it's what YOU FUCKING HAVE TO DO. If, in any case that you think it is out of what you CAN do, then INFORM so it is out of what you need to do. Should all else doesn't strike your fancy; the root of responsibility simply lurks a "response" which means, if you please, just friggin' RESPOND!


Phew.. wow.. ok, so I've burst first then decide to explain. Here's what had taken place.

Work. I'm the editor of the month, which meant that aside from the usual responsibilities (God, how I love this word), I will be the one to do the layout, as in the spread of pages and which article goes where combined with which ads, how many pages to allocate for what shits,.. yea you got it. It's stressful, but definitely doable. IF everyone just co-operates!

No, actually, to be fair, everyone's doing their part and needless to say, we've got deadlines to meet. First stage will be the delegating of tasks and I have to make sure everyone knows what they needed to know. Next comes the submission of articles, which we always strive at the beginning of second week, latest. Because then, in comes the design and artwork, and fashion, of course. After this stage, not all's candy sweet yet, if the Boss's face is a frown, we will need alternatives, back-ups or simply changes. After scanning with fine-toothed comb can we proceed to printing, which leaves distribution the final step.

So, what happens when one of your co-editors (that's right!) decided to go MIA, not picking up calls, not returning calls, not replying sms-es, not responding to emails??

We'll, you're screwed.

Not because we can't do without her, but because we don't know what the fuck's happening. We need back-ups.

Today's the 19th. She's officially late by 11 freakin days. And her pages that are left blank adds up to 6, without artwork. Printing has been scheduled next week, and I'll be able to get my much needed sleep (more on this later) should everything successfully goes to print. And what did you guess? Nope, not a word from her yet. But you know what? Don't worry about it, because the editorS have taken care of it, DESPITE each's flowing-the-edge responsibilities.

*Kudos to my fellow editors, you two have been great.

And really, this has been around for few months now, and I suggest the next management meeting will see that either she be fired, or she be fired.

Ahh well, moving along...

Let us not spread rage to the beauty.

Life's Beautiful

Today, I have this for you guys..


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