I'm Over It

Alright, very obviously I flipped over the weekend.

I'm fine now. Maybe not totally fine, fine.. but thought about it and got over the whole issue.

Sometimes, I do try to put myself in different shoes and see if I still see things the way I saw them. And.. (this is perfect advice because it's coming from me who's passed through the real life exams) it actually works well, both for you and the other person.

When you feel shit about someone, or something they did, don't just crack it right there and then BECAUSE you will most probably end up saying something you will regret 2 seconds later. Instead, try suppressing it and explode in your own head, argue with yourself and load all your hatred inside your head. I call it, the inner-crack.

When you've repeated the whole issue so many times that it's started to feel not so "heavy", slap yourself sane and actually try, just try to think from the other side, what they actually think about you. We all know no one's perfect, including yourself.

When you manage to think your way out, and felt that it's not such a big deal afterall.. probably it's time to talk about it and lay everything on the table (or bed, whatever you fancy) By this stage, the talk will most probably turn out to be progressive rather than abusive. More understanding will come.. and well, a little bit more appreciation, perhaps.

Well, myself.. I see myself as spoiled sometimes, hard to please, easy to displease. And so, when I think of all the things I don't like about other people, what about me? What makes them bear with this spoilt child and keep caring and loving? Perhaps I should learn to do the same?

Usually when I got to that stage, all unkind feelings will be replaced with love.

It worked well for me all this while. Try it, and let me know if it works for you.

Here's Missy Allets bidding you a calmer self, in a world filled with love.

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jaezrel said...

hey woman i noticed your blogs oni got principles no real life scenarios to elabo with....am scratching muh head reading how to fit the contents thinking on the other hand what is going on with you that makes you say things like that........but then muahaha i knew you are getting the word "M"

can you pls write me an email.....from a-Z what makes the sudden shocked huhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh