Missy Allets Goes GRrrrrr

That can be:

1) Taken as my take on life now.

Life, my life, summed up with just these three words.

Food, sex, work.

How interesting. How mundanely interesting.

2) Indicating the churn in my stomach. (Yea right, growl, more like it)

That's right! I'm hungry again! God, what am I? A pig? Even pigs know when to stop hunting for food. No, wait, they don't hunt for food, they get fed.. or maybe, they just eat anything and everything under their snout.

?? Why do I even bother analysing pigs?? Ughh

3) Unleashing the beast in Missy Allets.

Baby, you know I love you but a quickie is NOT get-in-there-pump-it-roll-over-Zzzz.

Ok, to be fair, you're not exactly that and I adore you for always trying to get me into the mood. At my fifth hour of sleep.

No wonder those eyebags appear.

4) Missy Allets. When work just comes pooouuuuurrrriiiinnnngggg in...........

Plan. Layout. Schedule. Research. Liaise. Write. Edit. Check. Receive. Double-check. Chase.

Then add: Research. Email. Follow-up. Call. Spam. Secure.

Definitely GRrrrrr-worthy.

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