Becoming Dada and Mama..

Hello readers, first up, apologies for the long-overdue posts. But I'll explain why. And hopefully, yous will be able to rejoice with us (maybe drop a tear or two of happiness), and forget all about the improper delay of my postings.

Truth is, the last couple of weeks have been an exciting period for us, almost like a new beginning. Yes, we've got good news to share, so pull up a chair, and pull it up nicely right beside us :)


So, a little over 16 months ago, a young couple tied the knot. Very young, and dangerously in love.

So in love that they quickly decided being just the two of us is not such a bad idea at all. What with both parents' ceaseless nagging and threatening, they are not quite yet ready to relent.

They still want to explore the world together, find comfort in each other while strolling foreign lands, basking in the era of alone-time forever, and of course, being able to occasionally walk around the lounge naked. As much as they adore their parents, they have incurred their wrath by depriving them of a playmate. Alas, what can the parents do but to subsequently crawl back into their grandchild-longing-land. And the young couple continued to relish their precious precious minutes together, firmly believing that as long as they have each other, it's happiness, and it's enough.

But as fate would usually have it, things started to change. They don't know when or where it happened, but somewhere along the journey, they changed their thinking. Maybe it was loneliness, or maybe they finally feel able to take on more responsibility; they now think maybe an addition to the family would not be as bad as they thought.


I started feeling anxious and uneasy a little over a week ago, and Baby Hubz was just plain excited. We went to a specialist and everything just fell in place. Affirmative.

Dearies, I'd like you to meet the proud Mama and Dada..

And since you were so kind and patient,

Say hello to the Tran's family addition..

Jarlsberg (left) and Mozzarella (right)

Ain't they just the cutest thing since a million years??

See how chubby Jarlsberg got after just TWO days at home!

Mozzarella at the back, showing off his rounded bottom.

I swear we can sit there and stare at them and laugh out loud for hours and hours. Responsibility never felt this heartwarming.

Now we know why Mum and Dad rushed us for kids. Not just for the smile on your face, but also the joy they bring to your life.

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ESC said...

guess wat.. i tot of one more reason about the gold fish! perhaps they ate too much of their own shit... lol