Groovin' to the Groove

Missy has never been much of a big beat, electronica, or house-fan. Well, not much might be taking it a little too pleasantly; perhaps not at all would better hit the spot. Loud and heavy beats screw up my head, every-single-time.

That is, until these beats drum out from Baby Hubz' iTunes, while I was laying on the couch with my book on a very lazy Saturday noon.

Missy is converted since.

Say hello to my newfound friend, people. Say hi to the Groove Armada.

And meet the duo behind the attract-factor, Andy Cato and Tom Findlay.

Now that I've opened up to this new world, I really find it quite irresistible. Sure I adore my classics, jazz and all things blue, but this is different! There is a light and airy touch to the usual beats. And I find it kind of fresh, kind of pure, and kind of.. kinky. Something within just strikes me, or maybe just because I'm changed.


Basically still a noob to this genre of music, so I obviously can't give any spectacular review or anything, just a squeal of delight at discovering something new.

If you're thinking of stepping out and embracing something new too, check out my two three favourites; I See You Baby (Fatboy Slim Remix), My Friend, and Think Twice. Superstylin is nice too if you crave something heavier.

These tunes have been drumming in my ear for the past few days. Still ain't bored, baby!

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