Post 101010

It was the much awaited 10.10.10 yesterday, a day deliberately selected for its auspiciousness for some.

A few friends got engaged that day, some got married, a beloved friend in KL purchased her engagement ring and another celebrated her birthday with a newborn. T'was a very happy day indeed.

For me, the day held no special meaning nor did it asked to be celebrated in fireworks and candlelights, yet it was nothing short of perfect.

Hubz and I started the day as any old couple in Norway would on a Sunday. I made cheese omelette on toasts, side of sausages for him and sliced avocado for me. We then sipped coffee and put our legs up on stools. It was sunny despite the conspicuous 8deg shown on our temperature reader by the window. Perfect.

Also, we had company. The little boy inside me woke up and came to play. He used his fists and legs and bum. Perfect.

We couldn't spend everyday like that, but then again, we don't need to. An occasional Sunday as perfect as that, however fleeting, was a blessing. And I didn't even need a muffin, how's that!

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