The little gems..

"How long can we stay for? As long as you want to, baby.."

I woke up remembering that part of my dream. I wasn't quite sure of the sequence or chain of events, but I do know it was a pretty cosy feeling. Like I had the power to decide.. it was pretty nice :)

Tomorrow, or rather today (their local time), my best friends since forever celebrate their 26th birthday. They are identical twins, yet so unidentical they sometimes confuse (and amuse) me. 

Thinking back on how we met, 19 years ago if you must know; how things have changed. We have all grown and are now at a place where we've never thought we would be. I, for one, still can't believe that I've migrated too far away from home, married to the sweetest hubz, anticipating our first child in this cold winter, and best of all; I still have my twins with me.. well, figuratively speaking.

Am I a happy Missy? Damn sure I am.

While I'm oceans away from them and have obviously missed out a big part of their lives, I can honestly say "I think they are happy too.." and that's what keeps the Missy satisfied. I don't ask for much anymore. The gem is in knowing my loved ones are safe and happy.

So, Happy Birthday, my old chums! I'm singing a little train-jingle here, just for old time's sake ;) I would have baked a little something, but that's just gonna make me fat and cranky so I ditched the idea. I'm sure you each would get your sugar fixes anyway.

Love you both. Kisses.

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Chloe Goh said...

i miss you, babe :(